’’Lucky Wolf Cycles’’ are uniquely painted single-speed bicycles made of recycled old trekking and city bikes. They are hand-made with lots of love and effort in our small, home-based workshop named “Ciklo-garaža” (Cycle-garage) in Loznica.When we say our bikes are unique – we really mean it: each and every one of them is painted differently! The color combination is always a reflection of our inspiration at the time. Since we are aware that the bike frame is a key component of every bicycle, we have chosen quality vintage frames made of steel and chrome-molybdenum alloys. These materials have an ideal balance of sturdiness and flexibility.The main characteristics of our bicycles are agility and maximum utilization of the power invested in turning the pedals.Our mission is to bring back simplicity and ease of use to the world of cycling! Apart from the refurbished frames, all the other parts installed are brand new.’’Lucky wolf Cycles’’ bikes weigh only up to 10 kilos which makes them ideal for the urban population that struggles with carrying bikes to their apartments.